The closer you fly to the ground or cliff, the more points you score.

Flying close to more surfaces multiply your score – so inside a tunnel you get a x4 bonus.

Doing a trick multiplies your score further.

So for maximum points fly close to the wall in a tunnel and do a trick.
The more points you are scoring the more red the score text becomes, and your current multiplier is shown to the left of your score.

Each level has 7 stars. You need to get any three to unlock the next level.

3 Stars are for points:

Level 1: 5000 / 10,000 / 20,000

Level 2: 4000 / 9000 / 13000

Level 3: 2000 / 3500 / 5000

Level 4: 10,000 / 20,000 / 30,000

Level 5: 15,000 / 25,000 / 35,000

3 stars are for Target modes: easy / medium / hard
1 star for finding the hidden golden balloon.

Roll: swipe your finger left to right to perform a roll.
Flip: Swipe your finger up to do a flip.
Reverse: Swipe your finger right to left to fly backwards , swipe horizontally to return.
Dive: Swipe your finger down to go into a dive, swipe up to open your wings again.

Half of the challenge in target mode is finding the balloons. A big part of wingsuit is exploring the map and finding hidden tunnels and valleys to score more points. Target mode is designed to lead players down some of these routes and encourage them to explore the map.

Although the targets generally follow each other sometimes they change direction to make it harder. Approach the balloon before from a different angle to set yourself up for the next one.

Hold the screen at the angle you want to play and you will fly straight ahead in that position. If you get into trouble , hold two fingers on the screen to recalibrate , bring the phone level again and tap the screen.

We have had (rare) reports that on some of the cheaper Chinese tablets the controls are an issue. If you are having trouble download an accelerometer testing app and make sure your accelerometer functions correctly. Try the free version Wingsuit Lite before buying Wingsuit Pro to ensure that your machine will play the game properly.

We tried joystick controls and they just donâ??t feel right for wingsuit, the accelerometer is the only way to fly!

We have made sure there is only one advert in Wingsuit Lite to minimise annoyance to the players. The advert does not try and â??trickâ?? you into clicking it, it appears once when you start the game and the timing is random based on when the advert has loaded. Once you have played for one hour it will show another advert.

No all the suits have the same flight dynamic, they are purely cosmetic.

We are a small independent  development team and we have added the supporters pack so that people that like what we do and want some cool skins can help support our development. We donâ??t believe in pay to win, so there is no benefit to the skins (apart from looking cool).

We hope you donâ??t but if you do find a problem please contact us via the support tab so we can fix it!

We have actually increased the texture resolution since our early release, we have tried to make a game that plays smoothly first and foremost and looks as good as possible, but there are limits in mobile gaming and at the moment we cannot make the close up ground textures any higher resolution. You can in options enable a â??Side Shadowâ?? which makes it easier to tell how close you are to vertical surfaces.

Although we have tried to make the game as fast as possible on some older devices it may run more slowly. In the options menu you can turn off a few things to help speed things up, you can disable smoke trails and side shadows. Also before you fly you can disable the ghost. This may help speed things up a little bit if you are having trouble.

Again test the game using the free version Wingsuit Lite to ensure it runs acceptably on your device.

We have tried to make a game that is fun to play but also a challenge. The stars system to unlock levels should mean that everyone can unlock the levels by playing in their preferred way. But getting ALL the stars is difficult!  If you need hints on how to score more highly have a look on youtube there are some excellent high scoring runs posted, try and copy their lines!

In wingsuit you can always get better! Unlocking all the levels is just the beginning!

Lots of people asked for this so we put one in! Go to the options menu (far right menu) and turn on â??First Person Modeâ??!  Be aware it is harder though!

Remember you do not HAVE to do all the target runs to unlock the next level. You can get one star in points, one in target mode and find the golden balloon and that is enough.

On level one do the easy target run, get your first star. Then repeat this run in points mode flying at this height along the whole map should get you 5000 points, enough for your second star. Finally explore the left side of the map near the wall to find the golden balloon , collect it and open your parachute or finish the run. The next level is yours!

When you first run the game you can not do a flight if you have not entered a name in the “Player” screen.

When you tap Ready to fly > Next > Start . . if you have not entered a name previously it will take you back to the player set up screen.

Once you have entered a name the button in the bottom right will change from “NO NAME!” to “START” and you can fly.

Mummy Skin

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